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Mosquito Repellent Adjustable Wristband 400 Packets Wholesale FREE SHIPPING


Mosquito Repellent Adjustable Wristband
Wholesale 400 Packets Deal.
$ 2.50 per pack
Retails For $5 Each Packet

Mosquito Repellent Adjustable Wristband Available in 5 different Colors !!! Pick your colour.
Extend use with included re-usable bag
Use on wrists, belts & ankles
Use outdoors and indoors
100% safe for Adults, Kids & Animals
Made from natural ingredients
Citronella Smell which Repels Mosquitoes
Includes 2 wristbands in one pack
200+ hours of use
Non toxic

This is a wholesale deal!

Available in Red, Yellow, Green,Blue and Black

Minimum order is 1 box which includes 400 packs of the same color $2.50 per pack!!

Free Shipping
Free Display if you order 5 Boxes or more

Please Call 902 602 8295 if more than 1 Order

Quantity : 

Our Price: C$ 1,000.00